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NORD means North in Catalan, Danish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian and Swedish but not in Finnish










  Comfort on board:


Four cabins:

  • A roomy main cabin with a big table (200x80), upholstered sofas and a bench up to 12 persons;
  • Two bow cabins with three berths;
  • Mahogany-oak finishing;
  • Captain's stern cabin for the crew;
  • Electric head (WC) with a porthole (window);
  • Furniture on deck – six benches, table for 12+ persons
  • Stern seating under the tent with a table up to eight persons
  • Coats, bleaches
  • Radio/CD/MP3/DVD/USB - loudspeakers inside and outside big choice of mp3-discs;
  • Electricity – 12 Volts
  • Life-buoys and vests (one for a child)
  • First aid kit;



Galley (kitchen):

  • Gas top with two burners;
  • Wash basin;
  • Two fridges 45 l.;
  • All necessary kitchen utensils;
  • Serving plates and bowls;
  • Limited amount of glassware, plates and cutlery


Comfort on shore:

  • Furniture - three tables, six benches, stools
  • Accessories - tent (5x4m.), parasols, felts, blankets;
  • Barbecue facilities, grids, 15 skewers, stands, axe…
  • Cooking pots of 7 and 15 liter, wok, stands, smoking box;
  • Hookah (choice of tobaccos);
  • Basic sport accessories: volleyball, football, badminton, petanque, Frisbee, cricket, diving fishing-rods (no baits!), spinning rod etc.
  • Inflatable boat;
  • Tent for four persons.



  • Designer/Builder - Biryukovich Konstantin Lvovich
  • Hull - Concrete – Ferro-cement;
  • Displacement - 22 t;
  • Ballast in keel - 8 t;
  • Length overall - 16 m. (52,5 ft.);
  • Beam - 3,7 m. (~12 ft.);
  • Draft (distance from waterline to keel) - 2,0 m. (6,5 ft.);
  • Engine – Vetus Mitsubishi, turbo diesel, 52 hp.
  • Mast height above the waterline - 16 m. (52,5 ft.);


Rigging and sails

  • Bermuda sloop and rig
  • Sail area ~100 m² (~1.076 ft²)

-mainsail 35 m², headsail ~65 m²


 4444.jpgPro Captain:

Name: Eero 
Family name: Talvitie (translated as ‘Winter road’)
Nationality: Finn 
In Ukraine: Permanently since 1991 
Date of birth: 18th of August 
Year of birth: Too long time ago 
Place of birth: Tampere in Finland 
Horoscope sign: Leo
Chinese horoscope sign: Dragon
Profession: Captain, Chef, Restaurateur 
Sailing in Kyiv: Since 1991
Seaman status: Captain of the yacht
Marital status: Married in Ukraine since 1995
Home status: Captain
Wife’s home status: Admiral
Favorite food: Wife’s home cooking
Favorite summer drink: Barrels of cold beer
Favorite music: 60-70’s Rock, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz

Languages fluently spoken: Finnish, English and Russian
Languages fluently listening: All the rest
Dream: Sailing further and learn to fly

Motto: Navigare Necesse Est 




Contacts in English:

067 209 10 20
Captain Eero

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