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They lived together more than 50 years.

BIRYUKOVICH Konstantin Lvovich

12.09.1927 – 13.08.2005

He was an excellent husband, father, grandfather and father-in-law.
Architect, candidate of technical science, master of sports, captain of yacht.
Yachtsman of soul, designer and builder of numerous sailboats including RIF and NORD.
The founder and organizer Kyiv City Cruiser Yacht Club, founded end of the 60’s and still exists.
BIRYUKOVICH Alexandra Savvichna

28.10.1928 – 30.06.2001

She was a wise wife, kind mother, grandmother and mother-in-law.
Alexandra Savvichna worked more than 25 years as a teacher of chemistry and was a helper, main advisor and supporter of Konstantin Lvovich,
She was a real Admiral.